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During the 1988 Phoenix monsoon, storm damage allowed an Irish setter to run loose in central Phoenix. For the next several weeks, members of the Irish Setter Club of Arizona searched for the missing setter throughout central Phoenix and in the area’s animal shelters. During one of those visits to the East side shelter, a young Irish setter male was found and when the staff conveyed he was to be put down, AZ Setter Rescue was formed and his life was saved. Danny was the first of a 26 year rescue program. Over those years, the program expanded to include Irish, English, Gordon and Irish Red and White Setters.

With limited resources and a limited aging staff, in 2014, AZ Setter Rescue ceased taking in new animals and became simply AZ Setters. We continue to support anyone who has adopted an animal. But with the creation of so many large rescue organizations, we knew the breeds would be cared for.

Here you will find some information about the breeds and events for you and your setter.

If you are interested in finding a setter, we have links to the local clubs.

If you need to find your setter a new home, we have some links that may help you.


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Please note we are no longer actively doing rescue. We will try to help you in placing your setter or locating one to adopt, but we no longer accept animals.

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